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Edward M. Goldberg

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After many years of working on Cloud Computing Projects. I have finally started my own project. The Cloud Watcher project provides Managed Hosting for Cloud Deployment Projects. So many of my clients have ask me to stick around and watch the servers for them after I finished the New Deployment Process. I enjoy training and Launching new projects. But I find it hard to just walk away and not take care on them after the first “Production Launch” is over. So myCloudWatcher.com was born. Now I Watch many servers in many Clouds.  I get alerts and take some actions for the deployments. The most important feature is that I watch out for new features and trends that could impact your project.  You get a team of people that look out for the servers and keep them well utilized and working well. Process and work flow are very important to me. I feel that SVN Source Control and... (more)

AWS RDS Rocks!!!

Cloud Computing on Ulitzer This time AWS has does it right. The Relational Database Servers in AWS called “RDS” are the “Real Thing”. I just transferred over my whole Drupal DB in a few moments to an RDS Instance. Is was very simple. Let me show you the one line command solution: (Warning Linux command comes next!) $ mysqldump –add-drop-table –databases Comments EdwardMGoldberg NOC myCloudWatcher_drupal wikidb | mysql -h mycloudwatcher.xxx.us-east-1.rds.amazonaws.com -u TheCloudWatcher -pXxXxXxXxXx4 (all password info is fake) Let me break down this command into the parts: my... (more)

The AWS EC2 Instance Missing Users Guide

When you get a new car you look into the glove box and find a small book that explains the day to day operation of the car.  The same is true for your laptop. What happened to the users guide for the AWS EC2 Servers? First of all AWS calls them instances and gives them strange names like i-12345678 that are not very easy to remember.  So to start off most users are lost just finding the server they just Launched (like a boat?). This document covers the basics.  How to use a new server (read instance) you booted up (Launched) in AWS EC2. After you read this document you will know ... (more)

New Relic & RightScale - Ruby on Rails Life Cycle Tools

Cloud Computing and Rails are a natural good fit.  With tools provided by New Relic integrated into the RightScale Deployment and Monitoring platform you have a Best Practice Monitoring system. I Deploy and Watch servers all day as part of the http://myCloudWatcher.com service.  When I started to build the demo for this next RightScale Webinar I learned more about my application in the first few hours with the tools then I had ever seen before. Please come join me at the Webinar and learn how you can instrument you next Deployment and provide top quality service with your next pr... (more)

How to Leverage Amazon AWS RDS today

Today, AWS Amazon RDS (Relational Database Servers in the AWS Cloud) are a new Beta and needs to be used as a “peek at that the future” for the IT staff and CTO.  Developers need to wrap their minds around Relational Database as a service.  The time has come for this to be a real SaaS. The “Big Table” was easy to “pu pu” and say “It does not fit the model”.  RDS is the “real thing” a transactional Relational Database with all the bells and … IMHO,  we need to start looking at this new model by placing non-mission critical Backup Systems for Fail Over in RDS.  The cost of transfer... (more)